Strong Tower Growth Tracks

The growth track at Strong Tower is designed for the curious person to Encounter God, Experience Freedom from Brokenness, Discover their Divine Purpose and, to Make a Difference in the lives of others.Here you will explore the ministry our church provides, discover your personality and gifts, connect with others and, serve on one of our teams.

Growth Track steps...


Step One: Become a Member

Explore the ministry of Strong Tower Church and find out how to connect with our church. To take the first step ask one of our Serve Team members for a Connect Card.

Step Two: Discover Your Design

Dive into the details of your personality, discover your gifts, and see how your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry. This second step will take place during one of our Discipleship Class.

Step Three: Join a Team

Connect to the opportunities available at Strong Tower to live out your purpose and serve others by using your God-given gifts.