Your First Step

The Journey is your first step to getting connected here at Strong Tower. It’s a fun group setting where you will get to know our history and our heartbeat. During this connection time, it's our desire that you will Know God, Grow in your Relationships, Discover your Purpose & join us as we Impact the world and our community together.

Here are more steps...


Have Questions About God?

Jesus is the Son of God. He was sent by God to die for the sins of the world (St. John 3:16). Whoever believes in Him will have the forgiveness, love, peace, joy and everlasting life He has to offer.

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Baptism is the outward sign on an inward change.  It is a picture of burial and resurrection.  As you go under the water, your old self dies and as you arise from the water, your new being emerges. It is a wonderful experience that celebrates God’s goodness.

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If you recently started attending Strong Tower and you feel like this is home, we are so glad! You’re invited to our Discipleship Class where you can learn a little more about us and become an official member.

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