Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) What kind of church is it?
We are a spirit-filled church that takes a practical approach to the bible ​making it relevant and relat​able to our everyday lives.

(2) What group or denomination are you affiliated with?
We are a non-denominational church

(3) How long have you been around?
We have been around for several years. ​In February 2019 ​we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.

(4) Who’s the Pastor?
Pastor Courtney Fraser is our Lead Pastor

(5) What do you believe?
We believe in the whole Bible, that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, ​and the ​Holy Spirit. You can learn more about our ​basic beliefs in the “About” section​ of our website​.

(6) What’s the worship like?
Our worship is vibrant, uplifting, encouraging, transforming and life changing. You will see hands lifted during worship, but nothing weird goes on.

(7) What can one expect ​during​ our services?
​A typical worship session involves a time of worship, sharing God's word, and fellowshipping with one another.

(8) Is childcare available?
Yes. We want our kids to love God's church. During our​ weekend​ services, childcare is available for ages 4 through 11.

(9) What’s the dress code?
At Strong Tower some dress up and others dress down. While, we have no special requirements, casual attire is common. But please come just as you are.

(10) What’s your worship times?
Wednesday 7:30pm & Sunday 10:30am

(11) What ethnicity of people primarily attends your church?
We have many people from various parts of the Caribbean as well as many natural-born Americans. We serve all races, ethnicities, and nationalities, as we seek to be a representation of the ​Kingdom of God.