April 20, 2020
Hello Family:
The world is changing! Many are acting like the world is ending. You and I are right in the midst of this change. Many people are choosing to sit and veg out. They are complaining and about to rip out their hair because family is driving them nuts.
Millions are scrolling Facebook hour after hour. But that’s not you. Maybe you’ve been hit hard with a job loss, reduced hours, dealing with a health challenge, or experience the loss of a loved one. We share in your unpleasant experience. However, we know that you’re going to step up, rise up, and use your time nonetheless, to set yourself apart from others.
When others are reaching for excuses and complaining, you are looking for opportunities. When they are overwhelmed by fear, you are going to boldly and confidently create an action plan to even thrive and make a difference despite what’s going on.
Just relax and know you’ve been called, anointed, and uniquely wired by God to handle any disruption. God chose and selected you to handle tough times. Don’t quit or step back. Stay calm “And in nothing terrified by your adversaries” Philippians 1:28.
Feeling pressured? Take the pressure off. Saturate your heart with God’s word in Psalm 23, Psalm 46 or Psalm 91. God is for you.
Our Sunday services continue to be LIVE on at stcftl.org, Facebook, and YouTube. Please take advantage of these as well as our “Engaging the Bible” Conference Call sessions 7:45pm each Wednesday. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support especially during this season.
Please know that we are here for you. You are in our prayers and we are just a phone call away. Don’t be afraid or lose heart. Stand firm in your faith. See victory and promotion up ahead.
We love you!
Courtney & Christina Fraser
Servant Leaders

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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Mathew 6:21

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