Pastor Courtney Fraser is an anointed Man of God. He is the founder and Lead Pastor/Teacher of Strong Tower Church located in the Broward County area of Southern Florida. Pastor Courtney Fraser and his lovely wife, Lady Christina Fraser have committed their lives to serving and helping every person, regardless of background and economic status, to achieve their fullest potential.

Prior to his call to this office, Pastor Fraser was a youth pastor for a number of years. His gifts allowed him the legacy of serving the youth and adults alike in Jamaica, Miami and, Fort Lauderdale. Before and after his graduation from Bethel Bible Seminary, he served in other capacities in several local churches. He is a gifted and talented Man of God who holds a firm belief in excellence for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Fraser served the Church of God as a State Evangelist prior to establishing and organizing Strong Tower Church in 1999. He is a leader of significant proportion. Countless lives have been impacted as they develop a fresh relationship with Jesus Christ through the practical and anointed ministry of Pastor Fraser. He and his wife believe that everyone was intricately designed by God to be distinctive, special, irreplaceable and unique for dominion.

Our Pastor is very pleased to be associated with some Godly mentors, spiritual fathers and protégé including but not limited to Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Myles Munroe, Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. I.V. Hilliard, Dr. David Cooper, Dr. David Uth, Dr. Creflo Dollar  and Dr. Adrian Rogers. They continue to influence his life and ministry in unprecedented ways.

Pastor Fraser has been married to his lovely wife, Christina for more than 20 years. She supports and compliments him with prayer, encouragement, and administrative commitments. They are the proud parents of two God-fearing, talented young ladies and two handsome young men. We are proud to present to you this highly respected man of faith, vision, commitment and excellence, Pastor Courtney Fraser.